Final Program

We are pleased to now announce the FINAL PROGRAM for ICCM20, including the Full papers. Here are the different ways of finding your way in the program, you will find links to the related full papers where applicable.

How to Navigate the Scientific Program

Remember that you can also search for all presentations in your ICCM20 app.
The session number is made of 4 digits: XYZZ

X = day (Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2 …)
Y = session number this day
ZZ = room code
The programme number is made of the above 4 digits and adding the order of
the presentations in the session:
X = day (Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2 …)
Y = session number this day
ZZ = room code
VV = presentation order in the session

How to Navigate the Poster and Mini-Oral Program

The poster presentations at the ICCM20 are fully integrated in the scientific program. The poster sessions will include a short 3 minutes long oral overview presentation (termed “mini-oral”) of each poster (maximum of 3 slides) given in plenum to the entire conference. This will be followed by a poster session that will take place in the Exhibition area and Foyer of the Bella Center and where the presented posters will be on display and open for discussion. The Posters are on display from Monday. The numbers in the mini-oral program is also the number of the posters – the numbers are as follows:

XX = session – (session 100 from 9:30 and session 200 from 13:00)
Z = Stage number for presentation (stages 1,2,3,4,5)
VV = presentation order in the session (20 presentations in each session)